World Championships 2022

Points, Rankings & Qualifications for world's

Road to Worlds

Third time lucky...the Roundnet World Championships are once again scheduled for September.

Between September 8-11th dozens of nations from around the world will come together for the biggest festival of Roundnet ever.

What we know so far is that there will be two ways to compete.

1) The Greatest Roundnet Team: Players can enter their own team and compete against the best in the world for the title of World Champions.

2) The Greatest Roundnet Nation: Each National Governing Body can select a national squad to represent their country on the world stage. Games won will contribute to their team score with the aim of crowning the greatest Roundnet nation!

The competition will be held at Park Molenheide, Belgium and we want to send Australia's best. To do that we have schedule of events, a point system and a framework for ranking players across the country.

So now you want to know about how to earn points and become a nationally ranked player? Read on...

Player Points

When you compete in an official Roundnet Tournament you'll earn points. Both you and your teammate earn the same amount of points based on the placing you achieve in the tournament.

The higher you place, the more points you'll win. Plus, the more teams in the tournament, the more points up for grabs.

Each player has their own points so you can go on to play with the same teammate next time or compete with another teammate at your next tournament.

For more details download the Official Player Points for National Rankings 2022.

Official Points and Rankings 2022

National Rankings

To become a nationally ranked player you'll first need to become a member of the Australian Roundnet Association.

At any point in time, the sum of your highest three scores determine your total points and therefore your ranking.

One year after you earned your points they halve in value. Two years after you earned your points the points have no value. So you need to keep competing to stay on top!

To be ranked on the Australian Roundnet National Rankings one of the three scores contributing to a player's total must have been from a tournament based in Australia.

Qualification for World's

A selection committee appointed by the Australian Roundnet Association will select the team to represent Australia at the World Championships in Belgium.

The committee will use the Australian Roundnet National Rankings and performance at recent International Roundnet Tournaments as part of their selection criteria.

In the meantime, if you would like to register your interest to represent Team Australia scroll down and complete the form below.


So far in 202 the Australian Roundnet Association has hosted seven official tournaments where players can accrue points to go towards their national ranking.

- Tassie Beach Tournament -

22nd January 2022

- Queensland Indoor Tournament -

29th January 2022

- New South Wales Beach Tournament -

19th February 2022

- Victorian Beach Tournament -

26th February 2022

- Australian Roundnet National Championships -

12th March 2022

- New South Wales State Championships -

23rd April 2022

- Victorian State Championships -

1st May 2022

To find out more about how points and rankings are calculated, click the link below.

2022 Points and Ranking System


Member rankings continued for rankings 31-71.

The Australian Roundnet National Championships

March 12, 2022

Glenferrie Oval, Hawthorn, Victoria

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Roundnet State Championships

State Championships - New South Wales

Date: 23rd April, 2022

Location: North Parramatta, NSW

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State Championships - Victoria

Date: 1st May, 2022

Location: Malvern East, VIC

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State Championships - Queensland

Date: 1st May, 2022

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

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State Championships - Tasmania

Date: 8th May, 2022

Location: TBC

State Championships - South Australia

Date: TBC

Location: TBC

State Championships - Western Australia

Date: TBC

Location: TBC