Terms and Conditions

Roundnet Access Pass

The Roundnet Access Pass is a digital product delivered electronically that combines official membership to the Australian Roundnet Association along with other benefits to the Pass Holder.

Membership is to the Australian Roundnet Association which is a not-for-profit company registered with ASIC (ACN: 649104772). A copy of the Constitution will be sent to Pass Holder within two business days of their purchase. Pass Holders will have the opportunity to agree to accept the rights and responsibilities that Individual Members are entitled to within the Constitution. If a Pass Holder has any questions about the Constitution, the Australian Roundnet Association encourages them to get in contact via admin@roundnet.com.au.

A Roundnet Access Pass comes with coupons for discounted entry into sanctioned Australian Roundnet Tournaments. These coupons will be delivered electronically and are available when purchasing tournament entry via spikeballaustralia.com.au or roundnet.com.au, subject to availability. When Pass Holders are entitled to multiple coupons only one coupon can be used at one time. Coupons do not expire.

Prize Draw
Roundnet Access Passes may entitle the Pass Holder to entry into our monthly prize draw. The winner is drawn at random and prizes may change at the discretion of the Australian Roundnet Association without notice. The prize will be shipped to the winner for free inclusive of all shipping and handling costs. If the prize is unclaimed and returned to the Australian Roundnet Association the winner may request it to be resent however shipping and handling expenses may apply.

A Pass Holder has the option to select the expiry date of their Roundnet Access Pass. Currently passes are available for one, two or three years. Whilst the pass is valid, the Pass Holder is entitled to the above entitlements.

Loaded Roundnet Access Pass
A Loaded Roundnet Access Pass includes all the entitlements of the standard Roundnet Access Pass however Pass Holders of the Loaded Roundnet Access Pass are also entitled to a discount at spikeballaustralia.com.au. The discount available depends on the expiry date selected which is shown on the reverse of the Access Pass. The Pass Holder will receive their coupon electronically and is available for one use only. Discount coupons do not expire.


Constitution: The Constitution refers to the constitution of the Australian Roundnet Association.

Pass Holder: The Pass Holder is the name of the customer for whom the Access Pass has been purchased.