How to Play

If you aren't familiar with the rules, that's okay, we are here to help. Our video below will get you up to speed really quickly.

Roundnet Basics

2 vs. 2

With two people on each team, the server sets up opposite their opponent. The point starts when one team hits the ball down onto the net so it bounces back up towards the other team.

3 Touches, 360 Degrees

Just like in beach volleyball, teams then have up to three alternating hits to return the ball onto the net. After the serve there are no sides. It is a 360 degree game and the ball can be hit in any direction. 


If a team can't return the ball onto the net with their 3 touches, the opposing team scores 1 point. A shot that hits the ground, rim, or bounces more than once on the net is no good. First team to 21 wins!

Go on. Get out there!

If you haven't already got yourself a kit we suggest you make friends with someone who does or treat yourself. We don't mind what gear you play on but we use the Spikeball Pro Kit for all of our tournaments and think you'll be really happy with the quality. You can buy a kit and replacement parts online at